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4 : A True Warrior

Thors advances through Askeladd's men, beating but not killing them, until he faces Bjorn in a berserker rage after eating the mushroom. He defeats Bjorn and challenges Askeladd to a duel. After a fierce swordfight, Thors defeats Askeladd, but surrenders to save Thorfinn and the villager warriors, and is then slain by a volley of arrows. Thorfinn stows away on the captured ship and swears revenge against Askeladd.

4 : A True Warrior


On Askeladd's ship, an injured Bjorn wakes up to find Askeladd at Thors' mercy. Askeladd's men are shocked that their leader has actually lost. Thors tells Askeladd once more to surrender and withdraw his troops like he promised. Askeladd simply compliments Thors's strength and asks why such a strong warrior would spend fifteen years hiding and wasting his skill in Iceland. Thors replies that he doesn't and the fact that he must rely on a sword, proves that he is imperfect. Thors declares to Askeladd that a true warrior doesn't need a sword. Askeladd asks Thors if he would like to lead his band of pirates, to everyone's shock. After period of silence, Askeladd claims that he was joking and asks everyone is so serious. Suddenly, Bjorn yells that this isn't the time for jokes and jumps over to Thors' ship. Bjorn quickly takes the unsuspecting Thorfinn hostage and threatens to cut off his head with his own dagger unless Thors drops his weapon. Thors curses Askeladd, who sadistically laughs and blames the former Jomsviking for trusting the word of pirates. Askeladd says that he was just having fun and wanted to know more about the notorious Troll of Jom. Outraged, Thors swings his sword at Askeladd's neck, but stops at the last second. Thors tells Askeladd that he violated the rules of their duel, thus declares himself the winner. Askeladd says that he doesn't care and he intends to kill him. Thors understands and tosses his sword into water, to everyone's shock. Askeladd concedes defeat by signaling his men to fire their arrows at Thors. Thors is impaled by countless arrows, which causes Thorfinn to yell for his father in despair.

Despite his injuries, Thors calmly tells Askeladd to honor his word as a warrior and for losing the duel. Askeladd agrees and vows in the name of his ancestor Artorius, that he and his men will withdraw. Thors then requests that Leif bring his head to Sigvaldi, the chieftain of the Jomsvikings. He says that if Sigvaldi believes that he chose to hide to avoid his summons, then his village in Iceland will be punished instead. Leif cries and tells Thors that he can't be serious. Ari and his friends also cry in despair. Thors turns to Bjorn and says that he gave them his life like they wanted, and orders him to release Thorfinn, while giving him a angry glare. Intimidated, Bjorn honors the request and releases the distraught boy, who embraces his father. Thors smiles and weakly comforts his son with a pat on the head, before sighing in relief. Outraged by Thors' death, Ari attempts to kill Askeladd in revenge with his sword. However, the pirate captain easily dodges the boy's assault and punches him away. Askeladd insults Ari and tells him to be grateful that Thors sacrificed himself so he could live. Thorfinn cries in anguish as he latches onto his father's standing corpse.

Afterwards. Thorfinn is shown crying over his father's death underneath a ship. Thorfinn wonders why his father said a warrior doesn't need a sword and why he had to die and Askeladd is still alive. At night, Askeladd and his crew are sailing with Thors' warship in tow. Torgrim reveals that Leif and the others abandoned it because they couldn't sail it without Thors. Unexpectedly, Thorfinn appears on his father's ship, much to Torgrim's shock. Meanwhile, a sleepy Askeladd remembers that twenty-eight of his men were injured by Thors, but none were killed. Suddenly, one his men asks that he come the stern. Torgrim informs him that Thors's son stowed away on his ship. Askeladd's men begin to mock and laugh at Thorfinn and pretend to be afraid. Thorfinn angrily yells at Askeladd for killing his father and swears that he will have his revenge by killing him. Atli says that Thorfinn is just a boy, but is shocked by the look in his eyes. Torgrim asks Askeladd if they should toss him overboard, but Askeladd says no and believes that Thorfinn will die soon enough on his own. Thorfinn cries and calls out for his father.

Tucker Hall, a four year old with spina bifida, gets ready to race retired Chief Master Sgt. Garrett Kuwada, Air Force Wounded Warrior Program athlete and Team U.S. Invictus Games competitor, at the 2020 U.S. Pacific Air Forces Warrior CARE event, Jan. 27, 2020 at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. Tucker, the son of a volunteer at the event, was brought to the event to witness the service members who participate in the adaptive sports program and witness the resiliency of the warriors who do not let their illnesses or injuries define them. (U.S. Air Force courtesy photo)

Tucker Hall, a four year old with Spina Bifida, receives a coin from Col. Michael Flatten, Air Force Wounded Warrior Program director, at the 2020 U.S. Pacific Air Forces Warrior CARE event, January 27, 2020 at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Tucker, the son of a volunteer at the event, was brought to the event to witness the service men and women who participate in the adaptive sports program and witness the resiliency of the warriors who do not let their illnesses or injuries define them. (Courtesy photo)

Are Christians known for their humility? Not always. Yet, humility should be at the core of our call as Christ-followers. By the way, true humility is not having a low opinion of yourself. Humility does not mean you speak about yourself in depreciating language. Furthermore, humility is not a weird case of low self-esteem. True humility means that you think of yourself LESS. A humble person is not self-focused. A humble Christian is a God-oriented person whose ultimate confidence is found in the power of their God. They rest in the confidence that the Lord they serve is great. A Christian warrior fights against pride and embraces humility. They do this by focusing on God and others, instead of personal preferences and foolish wants. Humility enables a Christian to be a true learner of the ways of Jesus and a real friend to others.

One of the things that seperates warriors from others is the price they are willing to pay. Warriors train long hours. They endure great difficulties and pain. They are willing to sacrifice their own personal comfort, preferences, and selfish desires. Every sacrifice is made in the service of a greater cause. Few people become warriors because they are unwilling to pay the real price. Most people are unwilling to make significant and long-term sacrifices. The price is high to be a true warrior. Plus, the costs are ongoing. Sacrifice goes well beyond some initial period of training. Warriors make sacrifice a lifestyle.

The Christian call to be a warrior means that we shred pride in our lives. This is a daily battle. Humble men learn. Prideful men are a liability. The call to be a warrior is the call to embrace long-term sacrifice. What are you willing to give up so that you can faithfully follow Jesus? Would you give up a job? A financial goal? Your own personal safety? Are you willing to let go of your ideal future and trust God to take you along a fierce and unknown path?

The Light Warriors are not given names and, instead, are named by the player. Their job classes are also assigned by the player at the start of the game. In the manga adaptation the warriors are named Puffy Tolte, a Red Mage and Flitz Stewart, a Black Belt, and are accompanied by Princess Sarah, Matoya, Bahamut and DB-6, a robot. In the novelization Final Fantasy I * II * III: Memory of Heroes the warriors are named Setro, for the Warrior, Zauver, for the Thief, Flora, for the White Mage, and Teol, for the Black Mage.

Bartz becomes a wanderer and one day gathers a group of warriors in his own group, branded the Warriors of Light by the Wind Crystal. These four, who include the Dawn Warrior Galuf and the royal Tycoon sisters, Lenna and Faris, are chosen by the crystals to protect them and destroy evil. They fail each time, and each crystal is shattered by Exdeath's forces. When each crystal is broken, the shards become job classes for the Warriors.

After the four crystals are destroyed Exdeath returns. The Light Warriors travel to the Dawn Warriors' world and while there, each of the original Warriors of Dawn sacrifice themselves to try and defeat Exdeath, including Galuf, who is replaced by his granddaughter, Krile, who completes the second generation of warriors.

The Warrior of Light represents the original Final Fantasy, modeled after the Warrior class from said game. The Warriors of Cosmos, chosen representatives of the goddess, are also referred to as the "Warriors of Light". Each warrior is in search of a crystal, which holds a part of Cosmos's power.

When the battles fought on behalf of Materia and Spiritus begin to destroy their warriors, the two gods create a new world as a haven for recovery. This world is soon threatened by Torsions that warp its fabric. Individuals that fall through the Torsions from their own worlds are deemed to be Warriors of Light by Mog. Together, they journey across the landscape to battle the monster hordes that emerge from Torsions, which usually closes the rift.

Later, Shantotto reveals that the "Light" which the warriors carry is not simply the ability to close Torsions but to open that as well, a fact that proves unsettling. Mog also begins to recruit less benevolent individuals (such as Seymour Guado because they carry this power in equal measure. This leads to speculation by some party members that there is an imbalance towards the light, which could be as harmful as darkness.

As the kingdom of Cornelia is being ravaged by monsters and cataclysms, three powerful warriors rise up to prominence: Jack, Ash, and Jed. Each carries a dark oval crystal and is gifted with abilities beyond those of regular humans, but they lack any memories of who they were before coming to Cornelia and are only driven by the desire to destroy Chaos. 041b061a72


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