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Julian Guriev
Julian Guriev

Fruit Sudoku 3 Crack All Type Hacks [UPDATED]

This is about as difficult as this type of puzzle gets. That's why I've taken the trouble to document it, in order to demonstrate some of the more advanced techniques you need to employ in order to solve the Hard, Extreme, Outrageous, and Mind Bending puzzles. If you are just starting out with these puzzles, pay a visit to Killer Sudoku Online and read the Tips page. Then try some of the Easy ones in the archive (there's a separate archive for each year going back to 2006). Though if you've already progressed to Hard or above, stick around. You might learn some useful tricks here.There may well be a quicker way to solve Weekly No. 371 than I have described below. If there is, I don't want to hear about it :-) Seriously. Enough sleep is lost over these things as it is. Invariably, we all crack these puzzles in slightly different ways. The aim here is show you a couple of good tricks from the experienced puzzle-solver's arsenal, and how to apply them.

Fruit Sudoku 3 Crack All Type Hacks


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