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Fallout 4 Free Or Kill Lorenzo

For those who have completed the quest and made the decision on what to do, can I get some advice? Should I kill Lorenzo Cabot or let him free? What is the best option to go with in order to get the best Cabot mission rewards?

fallout 4 free or kill lorenzo

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This is a tough decision as the reward for killing him and freeing him are pretty even. It will be down to personal preference, which decision you decide to make, but at least now you know the outcome on whether to kill or free Lorenzo Cabot.

The Zeta Gun can also be obtained during The Secret of Cabot House quest. If you free Lorenzo and kill Jack Cabot, you can take it off his body. The gun is inferior to Lorenzo's Artifact and you can still get it if you kill Lorenzo.

Lorenzo is an immortal being that will kill a bunch of people and you will get his shitty blood if you free him. If you kill him you get a cool pew pew gun and his family will be all chill. Fallout 4 lorenzo kill or free Should i Kill Or Free Lorenzo Cabot? The Secret of Cabot House is a side quest in Fallout 4. When returning to the Cabot House after saving Jack's sister, the Sole Survivor will get this mission assigned by Jack to help prevent raiders from freeing Lorenzo.

You can loot 5 or so serum by the time you kill lorenzo in the the chamber. Are there really going to be more than 5 times in the game where you need to be immune to radiation for more than 6 gameplay hours?

In the events of The Secret of Cabot House, the Sole Survivor can kill Lorenzo in his cell or release him. If Lorenzo is released, he can still be killed. Lorenzo has a number of superhuman abilities. Lorenzo Cabot appears only in Fallout 4. Behind the scenes Edit. Kill Lorenzo Cabot. Killing Lorenzo is the morally sound choice to go with. If you don't have much need for the serum then this is the option you should go for when faced with the decision to kill or free Lorenzo Cabot. The reward for killing him is the control of his 'artifact'. This is actually just a.

Yea, he reminded me of Bartrand and the red lyrium idol they discovered in the Deep Roads. (Dragon Age 2). So, I wanted to see what happens if I free him and when he immediately said, kill Jack and then meet me at Cabot Manor to kill the rest of my family. I was like no Sir and reloaded my previous save and put him down. LolBut yes, true, some here bring up a very valid point - the family kept him locked up for centuries, so I guess, with the help of that artifact, he would build up so much anger and animosity that the first order of business would be to kill them. On the other hand, I am fairly convinced that Jack had a good reason to lock him up in the first place.

Jack telling me to do what he says without question rubbed me wrong, but then a lot of bossy arrogant folk think they know best. And he's 400 years old and knows the facility and the dangers so I figured I'd give him some leeway. Plus, telling me to kill everything that moves is not that strange a request in the Wasteland - they ARE raiders, after all, who attack ME on sight.When I finally met Lorenzo, I thought he was barking mad. His son seemed perfectly reasonable and Dad seemed like a lunatic. Listening to his ranting, I could not let him free.

Once you reach the basement, the hardest phase of the mission will start - decisions. Jack will open a side entrance to the chamber in which his father Lorenzo is imprisoned. There will be bandits trying to free him around. Your task is to take care of them and kill Lorenzo or ally yourself with him. There is also a third option: release Lorenzo and return to Cabot House after a week to finish the matter...

Visit the Khans to the south east and either negotiate with their leader, Garl, or kill the entire group to free all of the slaves. Every slave you free will give you 200 XP. Take Tandi back to Shady Sands and talk to Aradesh for your reward.


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