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Julian Guriev
Julian Guriev

Middle School MOD PACK V1.0 At Mod The Sims 4 HOT!

This Mod also adds the ability to make middle school active!!!Here are the steps to do that:1. Build your middle school on a library/generic lot, or you can download one from the gallery.2. Go to your phone, and plan a social event, and go to Active Middle School3. Choose the designated area where you want your event: MUST BE LIBRARY/GENERIC!!!4. Choose your Sims you want to invite.-10 Max Students-5 Max Teachers-Principal and Counselor are auto-invite, meaning they will spawn onto the lot.5. The event will now start, and you can enjoy playing with your Sims while they are in the wonderful world of MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

Middle School MOD PACK V1.0 at Mod The Sims 4


The Faeries VS Witches mod is a grand mod packed with so many features, that it could pass for an actual TS4 expansion pack! Created by SpinningPlumbob, this mod introduces two new playable life states in The sims 4. It allows your Sims to become a fairy in Sylvan Fairy Village, where they could practice their Fairy Magic Skill through the help of the Fairy Guidebook. Or, Sims could become a witch, practice Witchcraft skills and spells, and create altar configurations. 041b061a72


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