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Gorenje Wa 583 Uputstvo Za 13https: Index301.php K Gorenje Wa 583 Uputstvo Za 13

Gorenje Wa 583 Uputstvo Za 13: How to Use and Maintain Your Washing Machine

If you have bought a Gorenje Wa 583 washing machine, you have made a good choice. This appliance is designed for household use and meets the requirements of modern laundry care. It is economical in water, electricity and detergent consumption. In this article, we will show you how to use and maintain your washing machine according to the Gorenje Wa 583 Uputstvo Za 13 manual.

Gorenje Wa 583 Uputstvo Za 13https: index301.php k Gorenje Wa 583 Uputstvo Za 13

How to Install and Connect Your Washing Machine

Before using your washing machine for the first time, you need to install and connect it properly. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Remove the transport protection from the back of the machine. This is a metal bracket that prevents the drum from moving during transportation. If you do not remove it, you may damage the machine.

  • Place the washing machine on a flat and stable surface. If the floor is uneven, adjust the feet of the machine to level it.

  • Connect the water inlet hose to the tap and the water outlet hose to the drain. Make sure there are no leaks or kinks in the hoses.

  • Plug the power cord into an earthed socket. Do not use extension cords or adapters.

  • Turn on the water tap and check if the machine fills and drains water properly.

How to Prepare and Load Your Laundry

Before washing your laundry, you need to prepare and load it correctly. Here are some tips:

  • Sort your laundry by color, fabric type and washing temperature. Follow the care labels on your garments.

  • Close zippers, buttons and hooks. Tie loose belts and straps.

  • Remove stains with a stain remover or prewash your laundry if it is very dirty.

  • Do not overload the drum. Check the table of programs in the manual for the maximum load capacity for each program.

  • Load your laundry loosely into the drum and close the door firmly.

How to Select and Start a Washing Program

To select and start a washing program, you need to use the control panel of your washing machine. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Select a program by turning the program selector knob. The indicator light will show which program you have chosen.

  • Select a temperature by pressing the temperature button. The display will show the selected temperature.

  • Select additional options by pressing the option buttons. You can choose from prewash, extra rinse, anti-crease and spin speed reduction.

  • Add detergent and fabric softener into the dispenser drawer according to the type and amount of laundry.

  • Press the start/pause button to start the program. The display will show the remaining time and progress of the program.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Washing Machine

To keep your washing machine in good condition, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. Here are some tips:

  • Clean the dispenser drawer after each use. Remove it from the machine and rinse it under running water or in warm water with a brush.

  • Clean the door seal with a damp cloth after each use. Check if there are any foreign objects in the seal or in the drum.

  • Clean the filter once a month or more often if necessary. Open the filter cover at the bottom of the machine and drain out any water using a small hose. Unscrew and pull out the filter and rinse it under running water or in warm water with a brush.

  • Run a self-cleaning cycle once every three months or more often if necessary. Fill half of the dispenser drawer with bleach or vinegar and run an empty cycle at 95C without detergent or laundry.

  • Remove any limescale deposits from inside and on the heating elements of your washing machine periodically. Use a suitable descaler according to its instructions.


Gorenje Wa 583 is a reliable and efficient washing machine that can help you take care of your laundry easily and quickly. By following the Gorenje Wa 583 Uputstvo Za 13 manual, you can use and maintain your washing machine properly and safely. If you have any questions or problems with your washing machine, contact Gorenje customer service or an authorized service center. 4e3182286b


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