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How To Download Chelsea FC Anthem MP3 For Free |BEST|

What is Chelsea FC Anthem?

Chelsea FC anthem is a song that was performed by the squad and released in 1972 to coincide with the clubs appearance in the League Cup final of that year against Stoke City. The song was written by Daniel Boone and Rod McQueen, and produced by David Mackay. The lyrics celebrate the clubs colours, history, and spirit, and invite the fans to cheer them on through the sun and rain.

How to Download Chelsea FC Anthem MP3 for Free

Download Zip:

The chorus of the song goes like this:

Blue is the colour, football is the game

Were all together and winning is our aim

So cheer us on through the sun and rain

Cos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name.

The song became a hit and reached number five on the UK Singles Chart. It has since been adopted as the clubs official anthem and is played before every home match at Stamford Bridge. The song is also popular among the fans who often sing it during matches and celebrations.

How to Download Chelsea FC Anthem MP3 for Free?

There are many websites that offer Chelsea FC anthem MP3 for free download, but some of them may not be safe or legal. To avoid any risks or problems, we recommend you to use a reliable and reputable source that respects the rights of the artists and the club. One of such sources is, a website that provides football club songs from around the world.

To download Chelsea FC anthem MP3 for free from, follow these steps:

  • Go to Blue_is_the_Colour.html">

  • Click on the Download button below the song title.

  • Choose a format (MP3 or WAV) and a quality (128 kbps or 320 kbps).

  • Wait for a few seconds until the download link appears.

  • Click on the link and save the file to your device.

You can also listen to the song online by clicking on the Play button. You can also find other Chelsea songs on, such as We Are The Champions, One Step Beyond, Liquidator, and more.

How to Use Chelsea FC Anthem MP3?

Once you have downloaded Chelsea FC anthem MP3 for free, you can use it for various purposes. For example, you can:

  • Set it as your ringtone or notification sound on your phone.

  • Play it on your music player or speaker when you watch Chelsea matches or celebrate their victories.

  • Sing along with it and learn the lyrics by heart.

  • Share it with your friends and family who are also Chelsea fans.

  • Create a playlist of your favourite Chelsea songs and enjoy them anytime.

However, please note that you should not use Chelsea FC anthem MP3 for any commercial or illegal purposes, such as selling it, uploading it to other websites, or infringing on the rights of the artists or the club. You should respect their work and support them by buying their official merchandise or tickets.


Chelsea FC anthem MP3 is a great way to show your love and loyalty to the Blues. It is a catchy and inspiring song that reflects the clubs identity and spirit. You can download it for free from, a reliable and reputable source that provides football club songs from around the world. You can also use it for various purposes, such as setting it as your ringtone, playing it during matches, singing along with it, sharing it with others, or creating a playlist of c481cea774


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