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The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase

The mounting pressure gets to everyone as the course nears its end. Brooks attempts suicide and drops out of school. The study group is torn apart by personal bickering, with only three of the six members remaining. With final exams looming, Hart and Ford hole up in a hotel room for three days and study feverishly. On the last day of class, Hart and his classmates give Kingsfield a standing ovation. Later, as Susan brings Hart his mail at the beach. Hart climbs to the highest rock, makes a paper airplane out of the unopened envelope containing his grades and sends it flying into the water.

To cope with the heavy workload, Hart joins a study group organized by Franklin Ford III. Ford is under immense pressure to succeed. His family has produced an unbroken string of outstanding lawyers going back generations, culminating in his demanding father, the senior partner in a very prestigious Wall Street law firm. The study group includes smooth woman-chaser Thomas Craig Anderson, slob Willis Bell, idealistic activist Elizabeth Logan, and struggling Jonathan Brooks, who is married to Asheley. Brooks drops out after he voluntarily confesses to cheating.

While mill and distributor allocations have begun to ease in some cases, unfortunately they are likely going to continue for the paper stocks that are the hardest to get, at least for the foreseeable future. For Neyenesch, Burke says uncoated text and cover are still the toughest to get. 9-pt. coated cover is in high demand, as well as 60-lb. coated sheet stock. He adds that some packaging grades, especially premium grades, are also still difficult to find.

Unfortunately, divination is only useful if your name happens to be Harry Potter. While the paper supply chain seems to be showing signs of easing up in 2023, there are still a number of challenges on the horizon that no one can really predict how they will play out.

Paper Chase Shredding & Recycling provides confidential, cost effective, record destruction and paper recycling. Our record destruction service can be performed either on-site or off-site or by walking into our Northeast facility.

Paper Chase Shredding & Recycling has a central base that can take care of your off-site shredding needs. Paper Chase will pick up your paper and drive it to its secure shredding facility where the paper will be properly disposed of with the same security, care and consideration you get from on-site shredding. Off-site shredding is a cost effective way to take care of your sensitive documents.

After looking around trying to find a local business that shreds to support in the area I live. I found Paper Chase recycling & shredding. The directions were good the exception of a huge semi truck that was blocking the driveway. I pulled up the office manager and the owner walked out to greet me. Looked at all my paper in my trunk offered me $90 for all the paper bags of paper or a cart (like a garbage can) that they roll out and you fill up for $75

Gretchen: I am a printmaker and paper-maker. I started making paper around 10 years ago and have since been trained in making both Western and Asian papers. I am also specifically interested in woodblock printing.

Gretchen: In graduate school, one of my professors taught a paper-making class. At the time, I wondered why anyone would want or need to make paper. It is so easy to purchase. Then, I learned about everything that goes into it: the vision, what it is made from, and the control involved in the process. There is so much variation in what can be done.

The Daily Collegian is a student-run news outlet at Penn State. The staff produces a print edition as well as a daily website. The pandemic has reduced the twice-weekly printed newspaper to once-a-week for the foreseeable future.

Bernarr Macfadden wanted to start a new paper, a crusading tabloid to be called The Truth. He wanted a million readers. He needed an editor for whom life meant work, and little else. He had found his man.


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