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Pastabilities Stretch Bread Recipe


Pastabilities has been happily serving the people of Syracuse, New York the freshest fare made from scratch for over 30 years. From our pastas, to our sauces, house made cheeses and famous Italian stretch bread, we make it all

Newer to the scene is Cheeky Monkey Tomato Garlic Dipping Oil. You might have seen it at the Regional Market in Syracuse, where samples are offered with slices of stretch bread from Patisserie, a bakery in Skaneateles. It originated at Syra-Juice, a small takeout restaurant in Marshall Square Mall near Syracuse University, and is sold there.

I just moved back to the East Coast after twenty years in California and the only thing that made it bearable was the thought of easily obtained Cheeky Monkey dipping oil. I wouldn't exactly call a potato with salt a "food blessing" but after twenty years of easily accessible, organically grown and inexpensive produce, I might be spoiled! On the other hand, stretch bread and Cheeky Monkey Dipping Oil is a match made in culinary heaven. I like it to put a spoonful on top of otherwise bland soup.

While Pastabilities recommends dipping some bread in the sauce, Food & Wine states that the restaurant advertises it as a "put-on-anything" sauce, so you could also use it in some pasta, or over eggs in the morning. Pastabilities shared its recipe for Wicked Chicken Riggies with Food Network, where it combines chili oil, peppers, and tomato sauce with chicken, rigatoni noodles, and cheese to make a delicious, spicy dinner.

Pastabilities is a modern Italian restaurant that serves homemade pasta dishes and Italian-American recipes in a warm brick interior. The restaurant has been treating its guests with pleasure in Syracuse, New York for over 35 years. Their interior space is trendy and cheerful with an open kitchen. Their seasonal menus include a wide selection of homemade pasta, sauces, salads, and the famous Stretch Bread from the bakery across the street. Pastabilities aims to make bread with their communities by delivering homemade, innovative food in a vibrant environment through collaborative, team-oriented customer service. Hot Tom Alfredo, Burrata Romesco, Calamari Fritti and Baked Manicotti are go-to dishes.Online orders and Vegan options are available. 1e1e36bf2d


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