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Another very distinct thing about this is, ISPs need to figure out how to provide the best possible service for the consumers, instead of the wholesale rate if they see the consumer paying the same rate as the Netflix users internet.

After all, if they insist on providing traffic at one speed, while the consumer needs that sort of speed in order to get, say, the House of Cards online and it will take between 5-10 minutes to download, who stands to benefit

The arguments for OTT providers, particularly those that provide wireless access, it seems to me are very similar; that if the networks can provide the service for free, the consumers will come and watch whatever they want. But that is not entirely true, because users put up with very high prices for the OTT providers, but they do not put up with poor quality.

Of course, the ISPs do think that the consumers will want to watch the programs the way their ISPs think they are most interested in consuming it, and thus limit the customer experience to that.

This is why they provide wireless services. See, the OTT companies cant give their customers good quality wireless service or any good speed at all. Its terribly slow you cant use it for gaming or anything else requiring fast speeds.

So that leaves the ISPs, which is what I think is the biggest problem. The ISPs would rather not provide the consumer with a service that is usable. They want to keep it pretty much secret, because if people knew what sort of prices they were paying, theyd be so mad about it, that they would choose to do their own thing, like with cable.

Kris Vallotton ( is the senior associate leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Moral Revolution. Kris is also the founder of Bethel School of Technology, the chairman... d2c66b5586


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