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Buy Gopro Hero 5 Black


*GoPro Plus is a subscription service available for $4.99 per month in select territories. Visit for info and availability. Only HERO5 cameras support auto-uploading to the cloud while charging. Other GoPro camera models can upload to GoPro Plus via the Quik App for desktop.

Hi, Why have you not talked about PROTUNE Thanks,I bought my Gopro7 black for my 2 month vacation in Raja Ampat 2020. When I used the settings on 2.7k with 30 fps, linear without protune the results were very good, vibrant colors, good focus and image, the stabilizer does its job well. I would caution anybody who wants to use the wide angle fov, I did not like it , it skewers the perspectives, I found linear much better.

I sadly beg to differ on the Hero 7. I have 5 of them, they all fail my tests of being consistent to film in hot temps. I was working in Arizona, it was 110 degrees outside, granted hot, but all cameras failed when trying to shoot 4k at 60fps. The black shell does not help when the camera is in the sun. It is a remarkable camera but not robust for hot temps. Half of the U.S. will have temps over 100 degrees during the summer months. This is a camera for winter if you want to get best results. GoPro needs to up their game, put a heat sink or other to make it more robust. For the time being, I hope that GoPro Support will actually pass along enhancement requests I made to a supervisor, so that they can rework their next iteration to be more stable. 59ce067264


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