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Maroon 5 Sugar Mp3 Download Song __TOP__


The lead vocals were sung by Levine, with backing vocals provided by Posner.[7] "Sugar" was recorded at Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood, Dr. Luke in the Boo in Malibu and The Mothership in Sherman Oaks while it was mixed at MixStar Studios in Virginia Beach. Doug McKean, Clint Gibbs, Noah Passovoy and Jonathan Sher all served as engineers of the song, while John Armstrong, Eric Eylands, Rachael Findlen and Cameron Montgomery helped them finish the engineering, serving as additional engineers. John Hanes was the mixing engineer while all the instrumentation and programming was provided by Maroon 5, Dr. Luke, Ammo and Cirkut. Artie Smith was the instrument technician.[7] "Sugar" was announced to be the third single from V in November 2014. Interscope Records distributed the song to contemporary hit radio stations in the United States on January 13, 2015.[8] The same day, the band unveiled the official artwork for the single that features red-colored lips holding a sugar cube; Mike Wass of Idolator called it "candy-colored".[9]

Kyle Anderson of Entertainment Weekly noted the reminiscence of "Sugar" to the music of singer Bruno Mars.[12] Brad Wete of Billboard magazine compared the song's production to that of Katy Perry's 2014 single "Birthday", which was also produced by Cirkut, together with Dr. Luke.[16] Similarly, Rolling Stone's Jon Dolan compared the song to the works of Perry and wrote that the "funk-guitar licks zip across a spry, sun-drunk groove as Levine sings..."[17] Lyrically, Levine sings the lines to his romantic interest, "I just wanna be there where you are/And I gotta get one little taste".[16] The song's lyrics use the word "sugar" to describe coitus.[18] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times wrote that on the Levine sounds most lecherous while singing the lyrics "I want that red velvet, I want that sugar sweet." According to him "he croons so cleanly it's possible to imagine that he is truly singing about cake."[19]

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She Will Be Loved is a song written by Adam Levine and James Valentine inMaroon 5's debut album, Songs About Jane, in 2002. The song was nominated atthe 47th Annual Grammy Awards in Vocals category. The song had over2,722,000 digital downloads. As of June 2014, the song has sold over 3million copies in U.S.

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