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Next Launcher 3D is not really an Android launcher for the masses like some of the other apps here. Rather, it's a mostly-clean-slate implementation of the Google Wayback theme that was released earlier this year, as one of the first apps that supported the full 3D shell. The look of this launcher is clean, bright, and colorful. All of the main features are there, including app icons and sub-folders, multi-window support, and a settings-centered user experience.

The Quick toggles are just as they were in the Wayback theme, which means you can get to all the features with a single control. The OK / Cancel dialogs are also relocated to the top of the screen above the toggle bar, and they're all quite large.

When you run this as root, any folder below /system will be created inside /data. This is your first clue as to how deeply rooted this launcher is. I don't know if it should be as easy as root, or as complicated as root.

This theme is not perfect, though. There are a handful of issues with it. While the overall look is great, some of the icons just don't seem to work with the 2D buttons and the widgets do not seem to be two-tone as they should. Neither of which is really a huge deal, but it's something to watch out for.

The settings for this launcher is really well-done. If you've ever used the Google Play launcher settings, you'll feel right at home. The Extras category comes with a ton of options. The first window you'll see has a couple of hot corners where you can quickly jump to your most-used apps. From there, you can toggle or flip between the left/top/bottom dock position – nice. d2c66b5586


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