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Best Buy 100 Laptop

Many Chromebook keyboards are merely serviceable, and others feel stubborn, mushy, and unpleasant to type on. But the backlit keys on the Flex 5i offer deeper travel than those of many laptops and are comfortable to use. The trackpad, like most Chromebook trackpads nowadays, is accurate and reliable.

best buy 100 laptop

The keyboard on the Acer Chromebook Spin 314 (CP314-1HN-P138) felt rattly and cheap. This laptop is heavy compared with our top pick, too, and during our tests its processor struggled with a video call and a document open at the same time.

What we like: Tablet plus keyboard offers functionality of a laptop. Access to every application available on Windows. Sturdy keyboard with a decent trackpad and full row of function keys. Keyboard is well matched to the size of screen and is comfortable to use. Smooth 120 Hz refresh rate. Long 10 hour battery life. Solid kickstand.

What we like: The best wireless earbuds for working out. IP68-rated water and dust protection. Stabilizing wings keep earbuds locked in place. 8-hour battery life with 16-hour case life. Dual-device Bluetooth capability. Good bass forward sound. Can function with just one earbud. Excellent noise cancellation.

What we like: The best wireless power bank for MagSafe-equipped iPhones. Snaps onto the back of your phone using embedded magnets. Provides nearly a full charge at a fast-enough speed. Works as a stand when you need one. Fits on every iPhone that supports MagSafe and doesn't block the phone's camera.

What we like: Top pick for the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Small and lightweight. Case comes with wireless charging. Decent active noise cancellation. 10-hour battery life. Dual device connectivity.

What we like: Our pick for the best universal remote control. Intuitive layout. Controls up to 15 AV devices via infrared and/or Bluetooth. More flexible than other lower-priced remotes.

What we like: The best lap desk for travel. Small and compact. Wide enough to comfortably fit a 13-inch laptop or the average sketchbook. Has a fold-out lap rest and adjustable angled lid. A roomy hidden compartment stores supplies.

What we like: Offers core functionality of a laptop in a tablet form. Access to every application available on Windows. Sturdy keyboard with a decent trackpad and full row of function keys. Keyboard is well matched to the size of screen and is comfortable to use. Smooth 120 Hz refresh rate. Long 10 hour battery life. Solid kickstand.

What we like: Ideal for people with shorter torsos thanks to highly adjustable, thickly padded straps. Main pack holds a week's worth of clothes and toiletries. Attached daypack has room for electronics, daily essentials, and a small laptop (in a built-in sleeve).

Other things to know: No fancy laptop protection or organizational features. Wearers should beware of overloading. Select patterns and colors available $31. Other color options are available for slightly more.

What we like: Also great pick for best air purifier. Exceptional performer on particulates, capturing 99.9% of the smoke in our test room in just 30 minutes on high. Contemporary design. Wi-Fi capability. Rudimentary app.

What we like: Our top pick for the best digital photo frame. Vivid 16001200, 9-inch screen. Nice picture frame aesthetic. Wide range of good-looking display options. Easy to set up and give as a gift.

What we like: Our top pick for the best digital photo frame. Vivid 16001200, 9-inch screen. Nice picture frame aesthetic. Wide range of good looking display options. Easy to set up and give as a gift.

What we like: Our pick for the best bed pillow. Comfortable and supportive. Moldable, customizable shredded-foam filling offers firm support for back- and side-sleepers. Longtime favorite of our testers.

What we like: The best soft body pillow. Just the right amount of backspring for gentle support. Longer than most body pillows. Ideal if you like to hug a pillow at night and need only mild to medium support for your shoulders, hips, and ankles.

What we like: A numpad-less variant of our upgrade pick for best mechanical keyboard. Solid aluminum case. Customizable RGB backlighting. Compatible with Windows and Mac. Full key programmability. An optional knob controls volume by default. Hot-swappable switches.

What we like: Our top pick, offering the best performance you can get in a home blender. Powerful motor with a wide range of speeds. Sturdy plastic jar with grippy handle. Exceptional seven-year warranty. Automatic shutoff feature. Easy to clean. Can make soups and blend thicker foods without liquid spewing up the sides.

What we like: An also-great pick from our guide to the best blenders. A super-powerful option that we rarely see see go on sale. Strong motor pulverizes seeds and ice to produce silkier smoothies and creamier blends.

What we like: Runner up for best stroller. Large, convenient rear pockets. Ample, easily accessible underseat storage. Three-wheeled design. Good handling and maneuverability. Easy-to-use recline.

What we like: Runner up pick for best karaoke machine. Better-sounding speaker than our top pick, the Tonor K20 Wireless Karaoke Machine. Easy to stream songs via Bluetooth, aux-in port, USB drive, or microSD card. Speaker displays a dynamic LED light show. Convenient built-in mic holders.

What we like: Also great pick for best headlamp. Head-and-taillight-laden model. Lightweight. Comfortable. Secure. Front light is stronger than our top pick (which is plenty bright enough) and brighter than on previous Sprinter versions.

What we like: Our top pick portable power station. Offers higher battery capacity for a reasonable price. Will keep a laptop or CPAP machine running all day or night. Easy-to-read screen. Plenty of ports to choose from (including AC, USB-A, and USB-C). Sturdy, rugged build. Light enough for the average adult to safely lift and carry.

User reviews are positive for both laptops, with 4.8 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab) across both laptops. Users have noted the impressive display on the M2 MacBook Air, as well as the power efficiency of both models. Many have noted how powerful either MacBook Air feels after using a PC, too!

The best gaming laptops are varied, ranging from thick machines with the most powerful components to slim, efficient machines, to cheaper laptops made of plastic. Sure, a high-end PC over $5,000 might have the highest-end graphics and a great display for best gaming laptop experience, most of us can't afford a rig like that. Our picks here are often high-end models (we're an enthusiast site, after all), but most come in various configurations at various price points. For those on a tight gaming budget, we've have dedicated pages for the best gaming laptops under $1,500 and the best gaming laptops under $1,000.Thankfully, there are more gaming laptop options now than ever, from budget-friendly to desktop replacements. Some come with full-size Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards, while others go for the more efficient Max-Q designs that enable thinner chassis and (sometimes) quieter fans.

While many of the best gaming laptops come with a 1080p display and high refresh rates, some include 4K screens, so you can pick between fidelity and resolution. Several gaming laptop go as fast as 360 Hz. There are also an increasing number of 2560 x 1440 display options, giving you an option other than 1080p or 4K. Additionally, some more expensive, premium options include OLED for deeper blacks and more vivid colors.

There is more choice than ever in components, too. While Intel is still a popular option, AMD's Ryzen processors are becoming more common. On the GPU side, Nvidia's RTX GPUs are in most laptops, though AMD is slowly starting to pair its own graphics cards with hits CPUs for what it calls an "AMD Advantage." (We're not seeing AMD GPUs with Intel CPUs).The latest technologies in processors include Intel's 13th Gen "Raptor Lake" processors, which use a hybrid design with Performance and Efficient cores, and AMD's Ryzen 7000 CPUs. We should see a bunch of laptops with both of these sets of chips as the year progresses. Other trends we expect to see are more laptops with a 16:10 aspect ratio, which also means larger screens in some cases.Nvidia's RTX 40-series has started to hit desktops, and were announced for laptops in January. They'll range from the RTX 4050 all the way up to the RTX 4090 (the first time a xx90 has been on mobile).

While many gamers may go to desktops to get the most performance for their money, try lugging a tower, monitor and keyboard around in your backpack. When you need a powerful rig you can take with you, there's no substitute for a gaming laptop.The picks on this list should be ready to run Windows 11 if it didn't come preinstalled already.

MSI may not have adopted an 18-inch display on its flagship laptop, but in our testing, we were still enamored. A mix of powerful performance from the Intel Core i9-13950HX and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 provided for one of the most powerful gaming laptops we've seen to date.And that 17-inch, 16:9 display is no slouch. MSI has added Mini-LED technology, so the 4K 144 Hz display looks incredible. It's not OLED, but in our tests, it often looked almost as good, with extremely high scores on both our light meter (511 nits) and our colorimeter (161.6% sRGB, 114.5% DCI-P3).Add in a Cherry MX mechanical keyboard that's an absolute pleasure to use (alongside per-key RGB backlighting to keep it looking good), and you get some luxury you don't see in most gaming laptops (even if MSI doesn't use the mechanical switches for the number keys or arrow keys).The battery life, at under 4 hours on our tests, makes the Titan a true desktop replacement. But if you're willing to bear the expense of these top-end components and don't plan on unplugging too much, you have one heck of a system in the Titan.Read: MSI Titan GT77 HX review 041b061a72


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