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Update Call Name Pes 6 Terbaru \/\/FREE\\\\

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as a free update for all players, we have added a new supporting ops game mode, named blackout. in this new mode, players take part in a variety of multiplayer modes, such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and domination. additionally, we have added the ability to customize your loadout with our brand-new loadout builder. in the near future, we'll also be adding other game modes and features. stay tuned!

we call on the regime to release aung sints, two other scholars who are serving a collective eight years in prison for their work towards accountability for the 1982 massacre. they were sentenced on absurd grounds, and lack legal representation. in fact, none of the seven scholars and activists face trial for any of the charges, but they have been sentenced to the maximum term for charges they could not have imagined at the time. their cases are now before the supreme court.

we are deeply disturbed by the continued failure of the dprk government to accept the repeated invitations of the international community to engage in negotiations to resolve the nuclear crisis. we call on the dprk government to immediately end its illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programs and to dismantle and permanently abandon all of its weapons of mass destruction facilities. such a step would be a sign of its commitment to denuclearization and full international cooperation, and would help to reduce tensions in the korean peninsula and the region. the prc has the responsibility and the right to play a role in ensuring that the dprk fulfils its international obligations. 3d9ccd7d82


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