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How to Use SU Podium V2 for SketchUp

SU Podium V2 is a rendering plugin for SketchUp that allows you to create photorealistic images of your models. SU Podium V2 is easy to use, fast and affordable. In this article, we will show you how to use SU Podium V2 for SketchUp and some of its features.

Installing SU Podium V2

To install SU Podium V2, you need to download the appropriate version for your SketchUp and operating system from here. You can choose between the .rbz installer or the .exe/.pkg installer. The .rbz installer is recommended as it can be installed from the SketchUp extension manager. The .exe/.pkg installer is only for schools that have multiple user accounts on the same computer.

After downloading the installer, follow the instructions on this page to complete the installation. You will need to activate your license with your serial number after installing. You can find your serial number in your email confirmation or in your account on this page.

Using SU Podium V2

To use SU Podium V2, you need to open your SketchUp model and go to the Extensions menu and select SU Podium V2. This will open the SU Podium toolbar, which has four buttons: Options, Presets, Render and Podium Browser.

The Options button opens the SU Podium options dialog, where you can adjust various settings for your rendering, such as resolution, environment, exposure, materials, lights and advanced features.

The Presets button opens the SU Podium presets dialog, where you can choose from a set of predefined settings for different types of scenes, such as interior, exterior, night, day, etc. The presets are designed to make rendering easy and fast by optimizing the options for you.

The Render button starts the rendering process. You can choose to render in the background or in a separate window. You can also pause or resume the rendering at any time.

The Podium Browser button opens the Podium Browser window, where you can access a library of over 40,000 render-ready components, materials and light fixtures that are compatible with SU Podium. You can drag and drop any item from the Podium Browser into your model and it will automatically have the correct settings for rendering.

Some Features of SU Podium V2

SU Podium V2 has many features that make rendering easy and realistic. Here are some of them:

HDR Image-based lighting: This feature allows you to use high dynamic range images as backgrounds and light sources for your scene. You can choose from almost 40 sky options included with SU Podium or use your own HDR images. You can also rotate and adjust the brightness of the HDR backgrounds.

Podium Image Editor: This feature allows you to edit your rendered images without leaving SketchUp. You can apply filters, adjust colors, add effects, crop, resize and save your images in various formats.

Podium Panoramas: This feature allows you to create 360-degree panoramic images of your scene that can be viewed on any device or VR headset. You can also upload your panoramas to this website and share them with others.

Podium Walker: This feature allows you to create animations of your scene by setting up camera paths and keyframes. You can also export your animations as video files or interactive presentations.

ProWalker GPU: This feature allows you to use NVIDIA Iray technology to render your scene in near real time with GPU acceleration. You can also use ProWalker GPU to create animations with physically based materials and lighting.


SU Podium V2 is a powerful and user-friendly rendering plugin for SketchUp that can help you create stunning images of your models. You 061ffe29dd


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