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Jeremy Conforto
Jeremy Conforto

The Dawn Snipers Way

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Subway is a sniper vs runner map created by the famous custom creator Jalf. He is the person behind popular custom rooms like Irridescent deathrun and Prison Escape Room. Like his previous projects, the subway map room also shines due to its excellent level pattern and visually appealing model design. The rules of the room are pretty simple. Each runner will have only one life and must cross all five floors before getting shot by the snipers. We highly recommend the map to players who are expecting solid snipers vs runners gameplay without any nonsense.

This map by acheog is one of the unique maps in the Snipers vs Runners genre because of the ability to distract snipers. Yes, unlike maps, where the only role of the runners is to reach the other end. Here, players can distract the snipers by hitting and spooking them with various objects lying around them. To counter this, the snipers have been provided with covers where they can duck and protect themselves. Do check out the map if you need some sort of twist in the traditional snipers vs runners game mode.

This snipers vs runners map by Fortniteferdi is certainly inspired by all the previous collaborations between Fortnite and the Dragon Ball Z franchise. The moment you hop in, you will find the entire map filled with various stuff like NPC models, buildings, and items referencing the DBZ universe. The gameplay is nothing revolutionary. One or two players can dawn the role of snipers while the others try to cross the map without getting eliminated. The other big highlight of the map is that the sniper rifle changes every round, making life easier for runners occasionally.

Snipers VS Runners History Travel is a snipers and runners map based on the time-traveling and history theme. True to its word, the entire map is filled with several items/accessories like robots, banners, and artifacts referencing the various past timelines of earth. Speaking about its design, it has a total of seven mini-levels stacked one above the other, each representing a unique timeline. The gameplay is also pretty traditional, as it adopts a round-based format instead of a timer. Additionally, the map supports up to 30 players at a time, making it suitable for people with a large party size. Do check out the map for its ambiance and in-depth gameplay content.

Unlike other maps, where the runners need to run on a path that scales vertically, this map by 2kvoid takes a horizontal approach, making it one of the few maps with an end-to-end route. Due to this, the gameplay is pretty simple as the runners only need to use basic skills like sliding and jumping to parkour across the area. We highly recommend the map to beginners who are new to the concept of snipers and runners game mode.

This Snipers VS Runners map can be considered the byproduct of the ultimate unofficial collaboration between Fortnite and Super Mario Bros. Like the Mario game, the map also has a small backstory. The princess is in danger, and as a runner, you need to parkour and safely traverse all five universes/stages to save her. While the runners make their way toward the princess, snipers must dawn the role of the evil bowser and shoot them one by one. To add more flavor from its inspiration, the runners also get extra life upon dying, mimicking the Super Mario gameplay style.

The Parkour edition is a Snipers vs Runners map based on the cowboy theme. As usual, the runners must parkour and make their way across the four unique floors filled with various objects with midwest references while the snipers try their best to eliminate them. Also, unlike other maps, where the runners need to move constantly, the parkour edition enables them to take cover from time to time by hiding behind huge objects like a cactus or boarding, thus providing some time to rethink and strategize their following moves. We highly recommend it for players bored of playing the game mode with the same aliens or IO themes.

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