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Our annual, and highly vocal, Women's March in Hong Kong started Saturday morning, with thousands of women and men supporting basic human rights and the future of Hong Kong under the "one country, two systems" principle. The march is a sequel to a protest against the extradition bill in 2017. The bill failed but ignited wider protests in the run up to the city's expected selection.

One of the women at the epicenter of the Bay Area protests, Susan Chen, who is a Hong Kong local, said, "Each of us can be the one who leads." She added: "I didn't walk here. I did not feel a flicker of fear. This is our protest. It's not a protest of anger. It's a protest of love."

Relatives of the victims say that handing over the men without a trial is a punishment for their families, who had already lost loved ones in the bloodiest demonstration in recent Chinese history.

The protests in Hong Kong have become the most overt expression yet of discontent over Beijing's tightening grip on the semiautonomous territory. The demonstrators in the heart of the Chinese financial capital, and in a part of the world that is home to more than 30,000 American companies, have thrown down the gauntlet in Asia's biggest battleground in the technology age.

One protester, Joshua Wong, said it shows that "Hong Kong police are supporting thugs, and encourage protesters to harden their punches and their stance to smash down the police line," Wong told reporters, citing the case of a protester who was shot in the chest by a police "shock stick" gun. d2c66b5586


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