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Mango Full Mp4 Movie Download !FULL!

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Mango Full Mp4 Movie Download

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certainly i have to agree, the story pretty much is the weakest point... but picking on the technical and visual quality of the movie.... kinda poor. just imagine guys, toy story 3 took about 3 years and a team of 300 PROFESSIONALS and what came out: the same story as in toy story 2 and apart from the spanish mode buzz nothing on the other hand there was just a bunch of hobby 3d artists (damn gifted ones by the way), who created within only one year a short movie full of pictures with one beautiful composing. the camera and the cuts just work perfect, and all this only with blender in alpha state... i just can say, you got my full respect.little mistakes, like hair penetrating the collar... i bet the guys noticed these things and they would have loved to correct it, but time is always too short, so they had to deal with it

OMG! Well done Durian and a massive round of applause to Ton who managed to keep everything under control! Yes my fav scene was probably the rain one as well! Too bad it wasn't done by the durian team :-( Anyway Awesome movie guys. Hopefully Channel 9 get back to me about airing it in Victoria!!

In fact in terms of animation and art, BBB is beautifully crafted. No argument there. Maybe some people can improve on the sintel movie once the blend files come in, after all, it's open (I can't because I'm just a software developer, and have no 3D skills whatsoever)!

You had a great story to tell, and you told it beautifully. I'm proud to be a supporter of this movie. After repeat viewings, I really appreciate all the small details. Sintel's reaction after smelling the durian fruit in the market, Proog's easter egg appearance, .....

GREAT EXAMPLE - it would be as if in THE SIXTH SENSE, if you see bruce willis was TALKING to haley joel osment's mom and his mom TALKING BACK in the middle of the movie but in the end, the film makers CHANGE IT so that she did not talk back to him. that's the kind of cheat that is engaged in in sintel. you have room to maneuver in ambiguity and not fully disclosing. but presenting information one way and then contradicting it feels off.

I think that Pixar, Dreamworks and other studios do great movies, good scripts, excelents renders with no errors, but most of us don't know how they do that. They don't open theyr productions and all we can do is to watch and eat a popcorn.I think that i will learn a lot of things with that rain scene (wonderfull), more than with the "UP".

I have downloaded the sintel movie yesterday and watched it immediately after download. It is a masterpiece. Good story, great music, and the animations may rival the big hollywood animation blockbusters. There are some things to improve in some places (like more fluid movement, etc) but it is an amazing product from a community of enthusiasts and a collection of opensource software.

I was hesitant to show it to my wife after reading the comments here. I thought she would find it too dark and confusing. In the end, I'll defer to my wife (always a wise thing to do) who said, "they're idiots! If they want every thing explained in detail then they can go watch a movie like The Proposal." That's not a criticism by her. She likes watching The Proposal, but only when she doesn't feel like thinking. Sintel was made to make you think. And it did. So I say it was a success. It's a short. Not a full-length movie. They're not supposed to explain everything in detail. You fill in the details yourself!


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