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Principles Corporate Finance Solution Manual

Principles Corporate Finance Solution Manual >>>

Principles Corporate Finance Solution Manual

This casebook provides a finance-oriented approach to corporate law, focusing on what students will need to know in corporate practice. Students learn:Financial fundamentals, such as balance sheets, income, and cash flow, as well as more complex topics, such as corporate debt and convertible securitiesApplication of financial principles to analyze and understand case studiesContractual solutions employed to deal with the various conflicts and ambiguities that ariseAdditionally, the text covers a broad range of topics from pricing models to the poison pill and includes a table of cases.The book is also supported by a detailed teacher's manual and PowerPoint slides.

Streamlined discussion of accounting concepts with extensive use of review problems to help students understand the key financial statementsUpdated analysis and presentation of modern financial valuation theory and techniquesExpanded discussion of early-stage financings and venture capital fundraising strategiesReorganized discussion of debt financing, leveraged buyouts, and bond contract negotiationsExtensive use of spreadsheet modeling to illustrate key concepts; spreadsheet templates are available as a teaching toolAdditional cases and materials, including the Dell appraisal litigation dispute, the Windstream manufactured bankruptcy transaction, the Lyft IPO, and many other notable recent transactions in corporate finance 1e1e36bf2d


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