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Thief: Complete Edition

Set mainly in a first-person perspective within a 3D environment, the main gameplay tactic of the Thief series is to avoid fights, stealthily traverse the environment to complete specific objectives and instead sneak around the enemies or discreetly subdue them, without raising too much noise or suspicion. The Thief games are sometimes described as either a "first-person sneaker", "sneak-em-up" or a "first-person looter" to emphasize this difference. Classification of the game has been slow coming, as three-dimensional stealth games, such as Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed, only became more common years after the first Thief. Another innovation employed extensively by Thief is the careful use of sound effects as an integral part of gameplay. Sound cues not only tell the player of other characters in the vicinity, but also indicate how much noise Garrett makes when moving about an area. Too much noise can alert nearby guards, who will grow suspicious and come looking for intruders. There are a variety of tactics to avoid being heard, however, such as walking gently, steering clear of noisy pavement, or using moss arrows to create a carpet that muffles the sound of footsteps. In a similar vein, using light and dark became one of the most important strategies. A gauge at the bottom of the screen (called the 'Light Gem') indicates how visible the protagonist is. Entering deeper shadows or ducking makes the character less likely to be noticed. Walking about increases the risk of being spotted, and having a sword or bow drawn makes him very conspicuous in the game. The astute player is constantly keeping an eye on areas of light or shadow, guard patrol routes, and the type of terrain they are walking on, in case a hiding place is needed in a hurry. A light source, such as a torch or gas lamp, can be doused with a Water Arrow, creating an area of darkness in which the player may hide. Electrically powered lights, in all games, may simply be shut off by using a nearby switch or button; however, if no light switch is available, the electrical light will not turn off by simply shooting a Water Arrow at it. In Thief: Deadly Shadows, the player can simply 'pinch out' a lit candle by pressing the use button on it. A guard or any civilian may notice if a light source has been put out, likewise if something valuable has been stolen.

Thief: Complete Edition

Another large component of game play in Thief, along with the stealth, is exploration. In most missions, especially in the first two Thief games, players can freely explore the game environment without much hindrance. Players are also free to experiment with how they approach the AI, as one may choose to take out all the AI-controlled guards, either by utilising a player-equipped blackjack, which incapacitates enemies, without killing them, a sword, which is used in direct combat and can kill enemies, or broadhead arrows, which can also discreetly kill enemies from a long range, along with other special arrows, such as water arrows, rope arrows and moss arrows, or one may choose to avoid any confrontation with the AI. "Ghosting" is a play style by which one tries to leave no trace behind them as they explore and complete the objectives in each mission.

Thief - Client Job 2: Happy Medium, Thieving Challenges, all rewardsYou'll need to take a very specific approach if you want to complete Happy Medium while adhering to the demands of every Thieving Challenge. Use this part of our guide to finish Thief's second client job off in style.

Thief - Client Job 4: The Carnal Connoisseur, safe combination, find the Automaton's HandYou won't be able to complete all four of the extra challenges in this client job in just one attempt, but we can help you get the first three. If you're struggling to find the combination for the safe, we've got you covered too.

Thief - Client Job 5: Sideshow Attraction, free Ysabella, kill Eelbiters, combat takedownsTo complete Thief's fifth special client job, you'll have to infiltrate a building and free Ysabella from the clutches of the Eelbiters. Danger lurks around every corner in this tense mission, so refer to our guide if you need a little help getting through it.

Thief is broken up into a series of Chapters, or Story missions, as well as numerous Side missions that players can opt to complete throughout the several visits to the City Hub or once the game's story has been completed.

Upon the completion of each mission, players will receive a ranking based on their performance. This is not necessarily a scoring mechanism, rather an observance for what tactics players did or did not use. Each ranking also has it's own unique challenge, which if completed will earn the player bonus gold to spend on various items, resources or focus upgrades.

Thief Gold, also known as TG, is the definitive version of Thief: The Dark Project, as it was meant to be since the beginning. This extended edition includes all of the missions from the first release, as well as three new missions adapted to the original storyline, with full voice acting and new graphics. It can still be considered the first game in the Thief series.

Narlen's HeistBaldur's Gate (1998)Content from the original Baldur's Gate main campaignBaldur's Gate:Enhanced Edition (2012)Content from the Enhanced Edition campaign Baldur's GateQuestTypeSide questRequirementsChapterFiveLocations and PeoplePeople InvolvedNarlen DarkwalkNarlen's Heist is a side quest, obtained inside Baldur's Gate's Thieves' Guild where you will find the thief Narlen Darkwalk. He will have two tests for a thief, and only a thief, in your party to complete to gain his support in the guild.

Players get various perks and opportunities after joining the Thieves Guild. Players have unlimited access to the Thieves Guild headquarters, a set of Thieves Guild Armor, and multiple new side quests to complete. Thieves Guild side quests reward players with items such as unique sets of armor, rare swords, gold, and progression in the Disarm shout learning process. Along with factions like Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood and the Blades, the Thieves Guild is a worthy guild to join due to its questlines and rewards.

As the Thieves Guild gains influence, fences have more money. With no influence, they have 1,000 . With one city influenced, they have 1,500 ; two cities gives them 2,250 ; three cities gives them 3,000 ; and with all cities they have 4,000 . There are certain quests that Delvin Mallory gives the Dragonborn to help someone in a major city - these quests, once completed, gain influence for the Thieves Guild in that city, as well as unlocking a fence vendor in them. These quests stand out from the normal burglary or bedlam jobs, and offer a unique length which sometimes leads to a dungeon. They become available after the Dragonborn has performed five small jobs in that city (fishing jobs, bedlam jobs, numbers jobs, shill jobs, sweep jobs, or heist jobs, which are provided by Delvin or Vex). 041b061a72


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