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Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson

Binding Of Isaac Workshop Mods Not Working

Even wrapped a python script around the whole process that downloads from the workshop, zips up the files and moves it to a private download location for me our webserver...and optionally moves it into our GOG server's /Zomboid/mods directory

binding of isaac workshop mods not working


I've managed to get this working based on EnigmaGrey's earlier response in which he said, "Don't think workshop downloading has ever worked on Linux, for whatever reason..." Once i got the files downloaded on my windows machine, and transferred them it all worked fine.

As a disclaimer, I am not an expert on the inner workings of Isaac. As such, this part of the analysis is my best guess on the bug's cause. The bug seems to most commonly occur with mods of a large size,

Intructions modified from: The Indie Stone forums post: Tutorial - how install mods from Steam Workshop when you have game on GOG (replaced the non-working site with another site that works, and added info)

Creeper 300 All figured out In short, guide 1. Download the mod through any steamworkshop downloader 2. Unpack the folder in which there are folders and the metadata file into the mods folder 3. Go to the metadata file and find the directory item there is the name of the mod, copy it 4. We call it this the same folder with mod 5. Go to the data folder and create there an empty folder with the same name 6. Go to the game

I think it's very unlikely that the Epic store version will support mods, as (generally, Epic's store is very lacking) but it doesn't have it's own dedicated mod workshop page like Steam does that really simplifies everything for the player.I never tried the Epic Games Store myself, and I never want to, as there's plenty of things and so many features missing that just make it seem extremely shady.I'm sure that Epic is too busy (or possibly just doesn't feel the need) to actually make their already very lackluster launcher actually support mods, I mean, if it still doesn't have a shopping cart, why would they go out of their way to add mod support for just ONE game?

I thought the same thing until I read the article posted by Vittelkiller up above showing the mod support in development on the epic launcher. It doesn't look great. I don't think it'll come close to the steam workshop, but its a start I guess. If your wanting to play modded I would recommend pulling out the wallet and purchasing it on Steam rather than the Free Epic Games launcher. Once the Mod itch comes, you can't look back. So many mods fix quality of life issues not addressed by the Wildcard Dev team.

BTW for Transport Fever there is an app caled TPFMM -tpfmm-transport-fever-mod-manager/ - a third-party mod manager able to download mods from steam workshop even for those who don't have the steam version. If this thing could be achieved in Epic too, we could have a server using mods for both worlds (Steam and Epic). The Epic mod ID could be in form "E1234" (unlike Steam's "1234"). And this approach would be the best for the players (any PC player able to play with any other PC player independent of the store where did he get the game). But I wonder if ARK's devs are willing to implement the thing this way.


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