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Digital Image Processing By Jayaraman S, Veerakumar T, Esakkirajan S

Digital Image Processing by Jayaraman S, Veerakumar T, Esakkirajan S

Digital image processing is the field of study that deals with the manipulation and analysis of digital images using various techniques and algorithms. Digital image processing has applications in many domains such as computer vision, medical imaging, remote sensing, biometrics, security, multimedia, and art.

One of the popular books on digital image processing is written by Jayaraman S, Veerakumar T, and Esakkirajan S. The book is titled "Digital Image Processing" and it was published by Tata McGraw Hill Education in 2009. The book provides a clear, comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to digital image processing in a pragmatic style. It covers the fundamental concepts and techniques of digital image processing such as image representation, enhancement, restoration, segmentation, compression, coding, morphological operations, edge detection, feature extraction, pattern recognition, and watermarking. The book also includes illustrative examples and MATLAB applications to help the readers understand and implement the concepts and algorithms.

digital image processing by jayaraman s, veerakumar t, esakkirajan s


The book is divided into 12 chapters as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Image Processing

  • Chapter 2: Digital Image Fundamentals

  • Chapter 3: Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain

  • Chapter 4: Image Enhancement in Frequency Domain

  • Chapter 5: Image Restoration

  • Chapter 6: Image Segmentation

  • Chapter 7: Morphological Image Processing

  • Chapter 8: Image Compression

  • Chapter 9: Image Coding

  • Chapter 10: Edge Detection and Feature Extraction

  • Chapter 11: Pattern Recognition

  • Chapter 12: Digital Watermarking

The book is suitable for students and practicing engineers who want to learn the basics and advanced topics of digital image processing. The book assumes that the readers have some background in mathematics, signal processing, and programming. The book is also accompanied by a CD-ROM that contains the MATLAB codes for the examples and exercises in the book.

The book has received positive reviews from the readers and critics. Some of the comments are:

"This book is very well written and covers all the topics of digital image processing in a simple and lucid manner. The examples and applications are very relevant and useful. The MATLAB codes are very helpful for the students to practice and learn the concepts. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn digital image processing."

"This is one of the best books on digital image processing that I have ever read. The authors have done a great job in explaining the theory and practice of digital image processing. The book is very comprehensive and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. The book is also very well organized and easy to follow. The illustrations and figures are very clear and informative. The MATLAB codes are very well written and documented. This book is a must-have for anyone who is interested in digital image processing."

If you want to learn more about digital image processing or buy the book, you can visit the following links:


  • [Digital Image Processing - Jayaraman - Google Books]

  • [Digital Image Processing_S. Jayaraman, S. Esakkirajan And T. Veerakumar.pdf]


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