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Austin Anderson

Fotos Nuas Playboy Dana Plato ((EXCLUSIVE))

he added: "just because she's an actress doesn't mean she was perfect. you can't separate the two. it's all make or break for her. she's a disaster. she's more stable now in the sense that she's not on drugs or drinking."

fotos nuas playboy dana plato

in the meantime she's moved on from hollywood, saying last month: "i now live in a house surrounded by the most amazing landscaping i could ever ask for. i've learned that you really shouldn't complain about the little things in life, because one day you'll wake up and you'll be very, very old and you will look back at your entire life with gratitude and humbleness. it's an amazing life, and i'm happy."

right at the age of thirteen, she began her modeling career and was featured in various teen magazine, as well as nude photo sessions. the following year, dana appeared in her first major film. her first major scene appearance came in the film, the hula girl and the following year, she had her first sex scene as a legal minor in the film, the oki doki movie, which starred linda lovelace. in the years to come, dana plato would star in numerous sex scenes throughout the 80s and the first half of the 90s.

like most playmates, dana plato would enjoy a string of bikini and pictorials. while modeling for playboy in 1980, dana spent a week near mexico teaching english to kids at a camp. that same year, the porn star graduated from high school. in the year 1990, she was invited to join the society of skin and suntan specialists a group of more than 200 renowned artists.

in 1992 she married a man named andrew, a special forces veteran of the first gulf war, who was working as a pilot. shortly after their wedding, plato and her husband had twins, adam and chloe. but not long after the births of her twins, dana felt the desire to be a mom to a little boy who had not been conceived the way that she and andrew had. she adopted a boy named enzo. they divorced in 1999 and they dont share custody of the kids anymore.


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